Water Billing and Payments

Town Hall, 1st Floor
Monday thru  Friday | 8:00am - 4:00pm
Phone: (973) 284-4962
Email:  waterbilling@nutleynj.org

How to Read Your BillFinal Meter ReadingsWater Rates
High Bill? Check for Leaks 

Water Bills & Payment Options

  • All water meters shall be read and bills for water service shall be rendered for periods of approximately 3 months. Monthly readings and billings shall be in effect for users having large consumption of water.
  • The Township will not extend any bill adjustments for excess water use resulting from non-water meter incidents such as:
  • Leaking toilets and faucet
  • Leaking water softener systems
  • Leaking outside yard faucet
  • Excessive or leaking irrigation systems
  • Leaking hot water heater
  • Faulty humidifier on furnace
  • All unpaid bills shall draw an interest at the rate of 8% per annum after 30 days.


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Bills can be paid in person at Town Hall, dropped in the drop box at the side entrance of Town Hall, mailed or submitted online.

Please make all checks payable to the Nutley Water Department
 and include your account number in the memo field.
  • In Person: Cashier's Office is open Monday thru Friday between 8:00am and 4:00pm.
  • Drop Box: Payments may be dropped in the payment box in the side entrance (Oval / football field side) of Town Hall after hours. Please remember, it is never a good idea to leave cash in the drop box.  The Township of Nutley is not responsible for cash payments deposited into the drop box.
  • Online: Visit  Online Payments  to learn more about paying your bills online.
  • Mail: Please submit payment and stub and mail to:

Nutley Water Department
1 Kennedy Drive
Nutley, New Jersey 07110

How to Read Your Bill

Your bill is designed to provide the information you need to know about your account.  To better understand your bill, view our  Bill Explanation  .

Final Meter Readings

Final meter readings are required if you are selling your home or if a tenant is moving out.  Please contact our office   at least   24 hours in advance to schedule a final water meter reading.

Appointments are scheduled between 7:30am-8:00am or 12:30pm-1:00pm weekdays.  The meter reader must gain access to physically read the water meter and someone 18 years or older must be home.  Requests may also be emailed or submitted online.

The account will be changed to the new owner's or tenant's name on the closing date.

Water Rates

The Nutley Water Department is a division within the Department of Public Works, and operates solely on revenues received for the services rendered.  This means tax dollars are not necessary for this utility to function under normal conditions.

The rates to be charged to consumers for water established by the Township of Nutley
Board of Commissioners effective January 1, 2019 via Ord. 3399 is as follows:

Download Ordinance 3399


  • $20.24 minimum charge per billing period for any part of the first 500 cubic feet (ft3).
  • $40.48 per 1,000 cubic feet (ft3) per billing period.


A monthly maintenance fee shall be levied according to the schedule set forth below.

As consideration for levying of such maintenance fee, the Township will assume full cost for the maintenance and repair of the water supply line from the water main to and including curb stop and the water meter without any additional cost to the consumer for maintenance and repair.

Maintenance fee for private supply lines and fire lines shall only apply to the water meter and not the repair of the private mains, supply or fire lines.

Monthly Maintenance Fee Schedule
Effective January 1, 2019

Meter SizeMonthly Maintenance FeePrivate Mains/Supply/Fire Meter Only
1 1/2"


The following annual rates are hereby established for fire lines/sprinkler connections to the water system installed for the use of private persons, firms, corporations or other entities.

Supply Pipe SizeAnnual Fee
up to 1"
1 1/2"

The foregoing charges are made for the privilege of making and having such connections with the Township Water Distribution System and shall be paid by the owner. 

Additional Information: