Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Manages the financial operation of the Township by monitoring expenditures for compliance with budget laws; processing and paying all bills for the Township; investing idle cash balances.

The Treasurer’s Office prepares the payroll for all Township employees. We prepare and remit all payroll withholding taxes and deductions as required as well as all quarterly and annual filings.

Purchasing Department

Purchasing is a function of the Department of Revenue and Finance and is responsible for oversight of the Township's purchasing functions.  All purchase orders for goods or services are processed through this office.

The Township of Nutley encourages and welcomes the interest of new vendors as well as current suppliers. The information provided here is intended to help businesses understand the purchasing procedures and practices of the Township of Nutley. This information will help you understand our practices and; therefore, make it easier for us to help you.

The Department promotes a fair, open and competitive purchasing environment under the pretext of the Local Public Contracts Law, State Regulation and the Township of Nutley Code.

The Local Public Contracts Law, under N.J.S.A. 40 A.11-1 et seq., governs the activities of the Township in contracting for the performance of any work or service, the purchasing of any equipment and/or supplies, which are utilized by the Township of Nutley for all its daily operations.  The purpose of the Local Public Contracts Law is to secure economy and the benefits of unfettered competition for the public in the procurement activities of the contract unit.