Public Safety Contact Information

Commissioner's Office

NameJob TitlePhone and Email
Alphonse PetraccoCommissioner and
Director of Public Safety
(973) 284-4935
Sandra CarellaAssistant to the Commissioner(973) 284-4929
Adam JernickClerk(973) 284-4951 x2155

Fire Department

After Hours and Holidays, please call (973) 284-4940 x2124 for the on duty officer

Paul CafoneDeputy Fire Chief(973) 284-4936
Lt. William CassidyAdministrative Fire Officer / OEM Coordinator(973) 284-4936
Cathy KellyAdministrative Assistant(973) 284-4936
Cheryl DiAntonioFire Prevention Administrative Assistant(973) 284-4937
Lt. Christopher LohmanFire Prevention Office(973) 284-4937
FF Ron MoscaFire Inspector / Sub-Cde Official(973) 284-4937
FF Thomas MelilloFire Inspector(973) 284-4937
Lt. Anthony SantoroTraining / HAZMAT Coordinator(973) 284-4936
NameJob TitlePhone and Email

Police Department

Police Chief's Office

NameJob TitlePhone and Email
Thomas J. Strumolo, Jr.Chief of Police(973) 284-4947
Linda DiacheysnAdministrative Assistant(973) 284-4947

Support Services, Professional Standards and Records Bureau

Phone: (973) 284-4939
Fax: (973) 661-3784

Robert IrwinCaptain(973) 284-4940 x2151
Peter LoCurtoLieutenant(973) 284-4940 x2179
Kenneth WatsonDetective Lieutenant
Professional Standards
(973) 284-4940 x2169
Christopher FormatoSergeant
Professional Standards
(973) 284-4940 x2161
Linda BuelRecords Clerk
Supervisor of School Traffic Guards
(973) 284-4940 x2144
Kathy MiruckiRecords Clerk(973) 284-4940 x2145
NameJob TitlePhone and Email

Investigation Unit

Phone: (973) 284-4938
Fax: (973) 284-0656

Gerard GreenDetective Captain(973) 284-4940 x2150
Anthony MontanariDetective Lieutenant(973) 284-4940 x2168
Jeffrey LubertoDetective Sergeant(973) 284-4940 x2176
James BaunhuberDetective(973) 284-4940 x2174
Robert McDermottDetective(973) 284-4940 x2170
PJ SandomenicoDetective(973) 284-4940 x2125
Sean SwiftDetective(973) 284-4940 x2166
Tiffany PattersonSergeant(973) 284-4940 x2172
John MeckaOfficer(973) 284-4940 x2149
Matthew MurphyOfficer(973) 284-4940 x2148
Michael RempusheskiOfficer(973) 284-4940 x2147
Mark VicidominiOfficer(973) 284-4940 x2148
Gus FormatoManagement Specialist(973) 284-4940 x2152
NameJob TitlePhone and Email

Patrol Division

Nicholas Neri, IIICaptain(973) 284-4940 x2105
Gregory DamurjianLieutenant(973) 284-4940 x2135
Robert KordasLieutenant(973) 284-4940 x2135
Michael KraftLieutenant(973) 284-4940 x2135
NameJob TitlePhone and Email

Juvenile Aid Bureau

Phone: (973) 284-4946

NameJob TitlePhone and Email
Michael PadillaDetective Sergeant(973) 284-4940 x2156
Dana MelilloClerk(973) 284-4940 x2164

Traffic Safety Bureau

Dennis GuiderLieutenant(973) 284-4940 x2175
Joseph O'HalloranOfficer(973) 284-4940 x2104
Christopher MelilliOfficer(973) 284-4940 x2184
NameJob TitlePhone and Email

Motor Pool

Phone: (973) 284-4985

NameJob TitlePhone and Email
Mark StroberSupervising Mechanic(973) 284-4951 x2314
Robert MulliganMechanic(973) 284-4951 x2321