Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services

Nutley-Fire.png Paul Cafone 
Fire Chief

  In an Emergency - Dial 911  

About the Nutley Fire Department

The Nutley Fire Department is a combination department comprised of both full-time and volunteer firefighters.  The fire department has members stationed at headquarters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year.  Every emergency response the on duty firefighters respond to, the volunteer component of the department is notified to respond to their firehouses to assist the on duty staff.  The department currently has 2 Engine companies and 1 Ladder company at Fire Headquarters as well as 1 Engine company located on each side of the Township.  The Department has a reserve engine that is kept at the Township DPW garages.

Emergency Response

The Nutley Fire Department’s roles and responsibilities have evolved over the last several years.  The Fire Department not only responds on all fire related incidents, they are called to respond to medical incidents as well as motor vehicle crashes involving entrapment, natural gas incidents, and Carbon Monoxide incidents.

Smoke Detectors for Seniors

The Fire Department has created a program named “Smoke Detectors for Seniors.”  If you are a senior who owns a home the fire department will come to your home and install a smoke detector that will last for 10 years.  While there, members will do a safety inspection of your home and leave the senior with recommendations to make their home safer.  All this is done free of charge.

Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for all Life Hazard and non-Life Hazard fire inspections within the Township.  The bureau not only is responsible for fire inspections they also receive funding from the state to do all of Nutley’s housing inspections for multiple dwellings.  Fire Safety Programs are present in all schools and day care centers within the township as well as initiatives for civic and senior groups.  The bureau has an electronic fire extinguisher training device and will offer residents and businesses extinguisher training free of charge.  All Fire Safety Permits are issued through the Fire Prevention Bureau.  Every October the Fire Department hosts an Open House where all residents are invited into our headquarters where fire safety programs and demonstrations take place.

Signal Bureau

This division of the fire department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all township owned signals including traffic lights, school safety lights and banners.  It is this division who is responsible for the hanging of all the Christmas decorations for the holiday season.


The Nutley Fire Department is contracted by the County of Essex to provide Hazardous Materials Emergency Response to all municipalities in the county with the exception of Newark. Hazmat is funded by the County and will invoice responsible parties for Hazmat Response.  This unit works closely with the County Health Department and NJ Department of Environmental Protection.  The HazMat unit is not funded from municipal taxes.  The unit is comprised of 2 rapid response vehicles, 1 Command Center and 1 Mass Decontamination Unit.

OEM Logo.png Office of Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management is operated under the Nutley Fire Department and consists of representatives of every branch of Nutley Government.  During any severe storm or large scale emergency OEM is opened and staffed by all necessary staff so that all departments can work together in a team effort to provide services to the citizens of Nutley.