Engineering Department

The Engineering Department provides technical, engineering and surveying services to the Department of Public Works and its divisions. This division prepares plans and specifications for a variety of public works and other improvement projects, including the Township's annual Road Resurfacing and Sidewalk Replacement programs, and supervises and inspects all work done. The Department also maintains and provides for public information maps, plans and specifications, surveys and other records as may be required on public property, public works and facilities owned or operated by the Township

The Engineering Department also manages, supervises and inspects the construction of improvements within the Township and provides technical support to other Township Departments as needed in the form of survey, design, review and inspection of a variety of public works projects.

These projects include the following:

  • Street Improvements
  • Storm Sewer Construction and Repair
  • Traffic Signal Construction and Improvements
  • Municipal Parking Lot Construction and Improvements
  • Provide Flood Zone Determinations and Certifications
  • Prepares Street Maps, Tax Maps, Election Maps, and Drug Free Zone Maps

Prepares and maintains maps, including the Official Tax Assessment Maps of the Township, as well as other records related to the Township Infrastructure.

The Department is also responsible for regulating and inspecting activities occurring within the municipal public right-of-way, and issues road opening permits, sewer connection permits and water tapping permits. It also provides assistance to residents regarding the National Flood Insurance Program administered by FEMA. All structures located within the Federal Hazard Flood Area which have a mortgage on loan would be required to obtain flood insurance. Information concerning this program can be obtained at the Engineering Department offices.

The Engineering staff is available to address public complaints, concerns and information requests with respect to streets and infrastructure conditions and other related matters in the public right-of-way.