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About the Department of Public Works

The mission of the Township of Nutley Department of Public Works is to provide efficient operation of public works systems and programs such as water, sewers, streets and highways, engineering services, and recycling collection

Responsibilities and Services Provided

  • Maintaining township streets, sidewalks, curbs, parking lots, and street signs.
  • Enforcement of parking meters and administering of Municipal Parking Lot permits
  • Maintaining street lighting throughout the township
  • Curb to curb snow plowing and ice removal
  • Weekly curbside pickup of commingled recycling material, papers and cardboard
  • Fall leaf collection and Spring cleanup weeks
  • 24/7 water and sewer service
  • Professional Engineering services

Honors and Awards

The Township of Nutley Department of Public Works has received the following honors and awards:


  • 53rd Annual Municipal Public Information Contest sponsored by Rutgers Center for Governmental Services and NJSLOM - Special Recognition for Print Media
  • 2014 American Forest & Paper Association Paper Recycling Award Winner in the Community Category for Creativity and Volume recycled (April 2014) -  Press Release
  • 2014 Garden State Green Award for Public Official presented to Commissioner Dr. Joseph P. Scarpelli at Kean University on March 15, 2014


  • 2013 Municipal Recycling Award from Governor Christie and the NJ State Department of Environmental Protection (October 2013) -  Press Release
  • 52nd Annual Municipal Public Information Contest sponsored by Rutgers Center for Governmental Services and NJSLOM - Honorable Mention


  • Nutley Water Department awarded the Environmental Stewardship Certificate from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

Community Outreach Programs

The Department of Public Works continuously looks at ways to expand our program offerings while also providing educational and informative events to our community.

Current and Past Programs and Initiatives under the Department of Public Works:

  • Big Truck Day
  • CFL Recycling Day
  • Compost Day
  • Cruisin' at Nutley - Classic Car Show (May-September 2013)
  • Drive-In Movie Night - September 2013
  • Go Green Initiative -  Greenutley
  • Ink Cartridge Recycling Day
  • Leaf Bag Distribution / Red Cross Food Drive
  • Residential Shredding Day
  • Techno Trash Recycling (VHS tapes, DVD's, CD's & DVD/CD plastic jewel cases
  • Textile Recycling Day
  • Trophy Recycling Day
  • Vegetative Waste Bin Distribution

Greenutley - Go Green Initiative

Formed in 2008, Greenutley is the Township of Nutley’s Go Green Committee comprised of the Mayor and Board of Commissioners, representatives from all five township departments and community members. The committee is currently under the auspices of Commissioner Dr. Joseph P. Scarpelli and the Department of Public Works.

Through education, events, and activities, Greenutley is raising awareness of the importance of green choices in our everyday lives and providing simple, effective ways for each of us to contribute to the sustainability of our community and our planet, including saving energy, recycling and reducing waste, eating local/organic food, and reducing pollution.

Other Services Provided

RAKES Program

The RAKES Program (Random Acts of Kindness Extended to Seniors) offers seniors and those who are disabled and unable to rake their leaves an alternative, while at the same time offering high school students an avenue to fulfill their community service commitment for college entry. Residents seeking help must be over 60 and/or be disabled, own and live in the home requiring raking assistance, and be unable to afford help.

Recycling Program within the School District

Assembly programs and classroom visits are presented throughout the school year by the Director of Public Works. The department has also made a concerted effort to promote and increase the visibility of our recycling program in the elementary schools. Besides providing blue plastic bins for all the classrooms, grant money was used to purchase several 30 gallon metal containers with an appealing design that encourage children to recycle.