Youth and Community Aid Bureau

The Nutley Police Department is proud to offer a multitude of services to the community. These services include fingerprinting, child seat checks, physical security surveys of your home and apartment, bicycle registration and inspections, vehicle lockouts, and more.

Educational Programs

Boy/Girl Scouts Detective Badge

Troops schedule at various times during the year to come to the Public Safety building to take a tour of the police station. Presentations vary by request and range from learning about fingerprints and how to process a fingerprint, Calling 911 what to expect, How to good witness, to what happens during a criminal investigation as part of earning a badge.

Community Helpers Program (Pre-K activity)

Officers visit pre-k classes to discuss their “special tools for special jobs”. Officers discuss their job, uniform and answer questions from students then help them color in a picture of a police officer.

Dr. Seuss Day (1st grade)

Officers read “And to Think I saw it on Mulberry St” by Dr. Seuss as part of the Read Across America program.

Driver Education Day (10th grade activity)

Officers do a presentation on driving related issues as part of Driver Education. Topics include but are not limited to common motor vehicle violations, items every motor vehicle should have, what to do during a motor vehicle accident and what to expect during a traffic stop.

Good Citizens (Kindergarten)

Officers read the book being a responsible citizen and do a coloring activity with students that is to be taken home and discussed with parents.

H.O.P.E. - Helping Our Parents Endure (student, parent/guardian activities)

initiated in 2008, this program provides information and services to Nutley students and their parents/guardians. Officers and Public safety employees coordinate educational projects for Nutley students’ district wide like the Above the Influence (ATI) campaign, Nutley Flashmob, and the Carnival of HOPE for Nutley.  HOPE also hosts presentations for parents like Hidden in Plain Sight, Kids Count, How to Talk Teen and the Wake Up Parents educational series.

Junior Police Academy (5th thru 8th grade activity)

Free week long academy where students learn basic police functions, marching, self-defense, crime scene processing, and participate in a variety of presentations. Some of which include the Department of Corrections Project Pride, the Essex County Sheriff’s Departments K9 and Bomb Squad and Nutley`s Emergency Services Unit. As part of the Junior Police Academy, Nutley High School students interested in a career in law enforcement can apply to become camp squad leaders. This opportunity allows them to be in a leadership position and earn community service hours while learning police functions from the officers running the Academy.

Kindergarten Tour (Kindergarten)

classes are brought to the public safety building for a tour that consists of the Patrol Division, Detective Bureau and Court area. Students get to see their handprints on the AFIS machine and all the tools and instruments on several different types of emergency vehicles.

Law Enforcement Against Drugs (LEAD) (6th grade activity)

Officers teach ten blocks of learning objectives to students over the course of the school year. The program is a framework of emotional and social skills that develop goal-setting, decision making, effective communication skills and drug prevention education.

Random Acts of Kindness Week (2nd grade activity)

Officers read Kindness is Cooler with Mrs. Ruler, and to talk to students about what random acts of kindness are and how they can help at home, school and in their community. Officers help students come up with two things they will commit to doing which are then written on a worksheet and colored in. The finish product is to be brought home and discussed with family members.

Red Ribbon/School Safety Week (7th and 8th grade activity)

Officers do presentations for students on topics including anti bullying, underage drinking, being a good witness, what to expect when calling 911, leader vs follower, and what it takes to be successful.

Community and Career Programs

Bike Rodeo

Residents can bring their children to the Public Safety building and learn about bike safety, drive thru bike courses and get their bike inspected and registered with Nutley PD.

Career Day (HS activity)

Officers attend the Nutley Career Fair and discuss what Police Officers do, the different opportunities in the field and how to go about becoming one.

Child ID Day

The Nutley PD offers parents the opportunity to get an ID made for their child. The ID is the size of a credit card and includes a picture, physical description, thumbprint, and emergency response procedures.

Law Enforcement Career Development Workshop (College Level activity)

Officers appear at the “meet the professionals day” and discuss what police officers do, opportunities in the field, how to go about becoming a law enforcement officer.

Public Safety Open House

Residents and their families are invited to come to the Public Safety building to participate in presentations on safety related issues, interactive games, and meet officers.

Student Government Day (HS activity)

Students shadow Public Safety Officials for the day to learn the behind the scenes activities and daily responsibilities of personnel in an Emergency Services environment including participating in a mock trial.

Trunk or Treat

The parking lot in front of Public Safety is transformed into a Halloween retreat where Residents can bring their children and enjoy all the fun and perks of Halloween without the many dangers that pose risks to our children while trick or treating throughout town.

Support Services

Domestic Violence Intervention Team

A group of trained individuals who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist domestic abuse victims.

Heroin and Opiate Abuse Recovery Assistance

The Nutley Police Department shall seek to reduce the impact of heroin and opiate abuse in our community while encouraging those who suffer from addiction to seek help and experience recovery. We will treat those suffering from addiction with compassion, care and concern – while fairly enforcing the law.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Victims Program