Hoffmann La-Roche Campus Redevelopment

Roche Photo.JPG Please see below information regarding the redevelopment of the Hoffmann La-Roche campus along with information from the Joint Repurposing Committee.

Since June 2012, when the Township of Nutley learned of Roche’s plan to close the facility, the Board of Commissioners has committed to work with Roche and the City of Clifton to transition the present facility to a new development that will have a positive impact for our taxpayers, and improve the quality of life of our residents.

The Board of Commissioners recognizes the challenges that exist in balancing the issues of limiting the effect on our schools, any loss of revenue, and to maintain our quality of life., and we share the concerns expressed by our residents both publicly and privately.

As a community we will move forward to repurpose the Roche site. In the end, by working together, Nutley will remain a premier destination community for the next century.

Redevelopment Plan Phase 1 - Medical School

Other Redevelopment News

On July 14, 2016, Roche announced the sale of its campus to PB Nutclif, LLC, an affiliate of locally-based Prism Capital Partners, LLC  (Prism).

The 116 acre campus is now known as ON3 - Please visit www.on3nj.com for additional information.

Prism Capital Partners
200 Broadacres Drive
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Redevelopment Counsel

Inglesino, Webster, Wyciskala & Taylor, LLC
600 Parsippany Road, Suite 204
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Joint Repurposing Committee

Please see below information from the Joint Repurposing Committee of the Township of Nutley and the City of Clifton regarding the repurposing of the Hoffmann La-Roche campus.

FAQ Regarding the Ongoing Roche Groundwater Investigation

  • Is there any contamination in soil that would be hazardous to residents?
    Any soil contamination above NJDEP standards is contained to the Roche site and does not extend offsite to any other property.
  • Is there any groundwater contamination that would be hazardous to residents?
    The groundwater investigation is still ongoing. Based on the investigation to date, contamination in shallow groundwater (0-50 feet) does not extend offsite beneath any residential property. We have detected contamination on-site (below 50 feet) and are in the midst of determining whether this extends offsite. This is the reason for the drilling taking place on several local Nutley streets. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation of deeper groundwater, residents would not be exposed to groundwater at these depths. In addition, this groundwater is not a source of drinking water in Nutley as this is provided by the Passaic Valley Water Commission and the City of Newark.
  • Is there any airborne contamination that would be hazardous to residents?
    Based on current information, we are not aware of any exposure to residents from airborne contaminants that exceed NJDEP-established health-based levels.
  • Is there any contamination associated with cancer risks?
    Based on current information, we are not aware of any exposure to residents that exceed established NJDEP-established health-based levels for cancer.

Additional Project and Contact Information

Should residents or businesses have questions on the remediation project, feel free to contact Roche Site Environmental Health & Safety or the LSRP at the numbers below:

Roche Site Environmental Health & Safety
Teresa O'Meara, Manager
800 Bloomfield Avenue, Suite 127
Nutley, NJ 07110
(973) 830-0098



Project Coordinator for the Site
Dawn Pompeo
TRC Environmental Corporation
41 Spring Street
New Providence, NJ 07974
(908) 988-1731

NJDEP ID Number: 009949

Remediation Updates Website

Groundwater Sampling Schedule