Department of Public Affairs and Health

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About the Department of Public Affairs and Health

The Department of Public Affairs embraces public health, mental health, public welfare, health clinics for men, women and children, health education, trash removal, vital statistics (birth and death certificates, marriage license issuance), air pollution control, inspection of food establishments, rodent control and rabies clinics.

Department of Health

The functions of the Department of Health, within the Department of Public Affairs, are to protect, preserve, and promote public health. Its services include public health nursing, governance over private elementary school nurses, environmental health, mental health, health education and vital statistics. The Department is governed by state public health laws such as those concerned with communicable diseases, vital statistics, food, drugs and water. The Health Department works closely with local area hospitals, the Nutley Family Service Bureau and the Red Cross.

The Township has contracted with the Township of Montclair to provide health officer services. The Health Officer's responsibilities are to develop, supervise and administer the local public health program, and to enforce all pertinent laws, ordinances and regulations.

Military and Veterans Affairs Bureau

The Nutley Military & Veterans Bureau offers the veteran and military family, a “one stop service center” that will provide them with a number of services that include basic health care assessments, employment assistance, legal guidance, counseling, and other services and benefits they may be entitled to through the Veterans Administration. These services are available to all Nutley Veterans, and members of all branches of the U.S. Military and Coast Guard, active and reservists

Nutley Cultural Inclusion and Diversity Council

The Township of Nutley appreciates its diversity and wishes to celebrate a more inclusive and engaged community. The Nutley Cultural Inclusion and Diversity Council (NCIDC) was created to empower and enrich our community by celebrating diversity, sharing unique perspectives, and being more inclusive and respectful of all of our citizens.

The NCIDC assists the Township of Nutley to be proactive in embracing diversity, practicing active inclusion, creating meaningful ongoing dialogue, addressing issues of oppression and intolerance, generating leadership opportunities for all, connecting people and resources, fostering a sense of community, and shaping its future.

With the leadership of the Board of Commissioners and the NCIDC, Nutley will continue to be known as a place where all citizens come together to make their community better for themselves, their family, their friends, their neighbors, and others.