Parks and Public Property Contact Information

44 Park Avenue
Monday thru Friday | 8:00am - 4:00pm
Saturdays (Seasonal) | 9:00am - 12:00pm
Phone: (973) 284-4966
Fax: (973) 661-0972

Commissioner's Office

NameJob TitlePhone and Email
Mauro G. TucciCommissioner and
Director of Parks and Public Property
(973) 284-4969
Cristina FrusteriAssistant to the Director
Health Benefits Administrator
(973) 284-4951 x2507
Mary FenuiClerk
Insurance Claims Administrator
(973) 284-4951 x2511

Parks, Recreation and Public Property

NameJob TitlePhone and Email
Frank DeMaioSuperintendent of Recreation(973) 284-4951 x2512
Anthony GagliardoGeneral Supervisor(973) 284-4951 x2524
Pat BuccinoSupervising Mechanic(973) 284-4951 x2515
Linda HamiltonRecreation Leader(973) 284-4951 x2514
Theresa VinciRecreation Leader(973) 284-4951 x2513
Deborah CooperClerk(973) 284-4951 x2505

Shade Tree Department

NameJob TitlePhone and Email
John LinsonTownship Forester
Michelle AlfieriClerk(973) 284-4951 x2506

Office of Information Technology

Job Title
Phone and Email
Jason M. Kirk
Technology Manager
Certified Government Chief Information Officer
(973) 284-4951 x2113
Daniel Amato
Computer Service Technician
(973) 284-4951 x2100
Salvatore Scarpelli
Computer Service Technician
A+ Certified
(973) 284-4951 x2100