Operation Reassurance

Commissioner Alphonse Petracco has announced the implementation of a new program in the Department of Public Safety entitled Operation Reassurance that was created for the safety and wellbeing of senior and disabled persons who live alone.

Since maintaining independence can be increasingly difficult as people age, Operation Reassurance will help to enable them to maintain their independence through a daily check-in call. Seniors and those with disabilities who live alone and would like to apply for the program should call 973-284 -4930 and leave your name, address and phone number for an application.

“Operation Reassurance will help to save lives,” said Commissioner of Public Safety Alphonse Petracco. “There are many senior residents who have lived in Nutley for many years and would prefer to stay in their own homes as they age. This program helps to make that possible.” This program is free to all senior and disabled residents in Nutley. Once the application is submitted, call into 973-284-4930 between 8:30 and 10:30 every day and say that you are okay, or need help.

“If we do not hear from the applicant during the designated times, we will call you,” Petracco explained. “If there is no answer at that home, a police officer or Firefighter will go to the applicant’s house to make sure everything is okay.”

Seniors and disabled persons should call the number above for an application which will be dropped off at their home and picked up when completed. Volunteers are available to help those who need assistance filling it out.

If you are interested in participating in the Operation Reassurance Program, a senior citizen call program, please contact Cheryl DiAntonio at 973-284-4936.