COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling "Best Practices"

COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling
"Best Practices"

Commissioner Kelly and the Nutley Health Department advise residents to review the following best practices to schedule a COVID-19 Vaccine:

  1. Essex County Residents are encouraged to log onto the Essex County Vaccine website and/or New Jersey State Website to schedule a vaccine appointment.
  2. Residents can also call the Essex County phone number, 973-877-8456, to speak to one of the staff members to reserve an appointment.  If the caller does not have an email, but DOES have a cell phone, AND an appointment is available, (please keep in mind appointments go quickly), they will be given an appointment and the confirmation will go to the cell phone.
  3. If people call the County and DO NOT have an email or a cell phone, AND an appointment is available, they will be given an appointment date and a screener ID number to provide when they go to the vaccination site.
  4. However, in both instances, if a person calls and no appointment is available, they must continue to call back until an appointment is available.

Please review the attached link to review eligibility requirements:


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