Legal Department

The Township’s Legal Department serves as the legal authority to both the Mayor and the Board of Commissioners, advising the Mayor, Commissioners and respective boards on the form and sufficiency of all resolutions and ordinances; reviewing and approving all contracts, deeds & documents on behalf of the Township of Nutley; conducting appeals from orders, decisions or judgments; entering into agreements, compromises, or settlements subject to the Board of Commissioners approval; rendering legal opinions to the Mayor, Commissioners and Department Heads; maintaining records of all legal actions; conducting prosecutions as required.

In addition to those matters which are handled in-house, the Township retains certain outside counsel. These outside counsel include attorneys handling the defense of tort claims, special labor counsel, redevelopment and bond counsel. These outside counsel report to and interface with the Municipal Attorney.

For administrative purposes the Municipal Prosecutor and Public Defender are assigned to the Legal Department. However, Municipal Court matters must be addressed through the Municipal Court, which can be reached at (973) 284-4945.

Job Title
Jonathan J. Bruno, Esq.
Township Attorney
Raymond Reddin, Esq.
Municipal Prosecutor
Joseph Donatiello, Esq.
Public Defender
Barry A. Kozyra, Esq.
Planning Board Attorney
Joseph M. Hannon, Esq.
Rent Leveling Board Attorney
Diana Powell-McGovern, Esq.
Zoning Board of Adjustment Attorney