Sewer Department

Nutley’s sanitary sewer system is made up of over 100 miles of main sewer line and 1 pumping station that services the entire Township.  The system conveys wastewater to our regional treatment facility at the Passaic Valley Sewer Commission in Newark, New Jersey.  The Sewer Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the entire system including equipment, manholes, and the maintenance and repair of all main lines within the sanitary system.

In addition to the sanitary sewer system the Township also has the stormwater sewer system.  This system collects storm water run off from streets and sends it directly to streams, rivers and other open bodies of water.  This water is not processed or filtered at any time.  Storm drains are the responsibility of the Road Department.

The Sewer Department has a crew available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For sewer emergencies after hours, holidays and weekends please call
the Nutley Police Department at (973) 284-4950.

Sewer Backups

Based upon most current information, there is the potential for the virus to be in feces and sewage, therefore effectively immediately, DPW will not be cleaning out residential sewer laterals.

As you are aware, sewer backups create a stressful and emotional situation for our homeowners.  It may cause health and safety concerns as well as significant property damage. The DPW makes every effort to be responsive to residents’ needs and concerns when a backup occurs.  We have a sewer crew whose duties are to inspect, clean, and maintain the system on a daily basis.  They are available 24/7 to minimize problems and respond to emergencies.  Due to the fact that our sewer infrastructure is not a closed system and for the most part flows by gravity, many things can clog the system and backups unfortunately do occur.

One of the services the Nutley DPW does provide is emergency response to the clog of the sewer lateral. In most municipalities that is the homeowner’s responsibility.  We provide that service free of charge to our homeowners.  Plumbers will charge anywhere from $250-$750 for this service.

There are two areas that clogs can occur:

  1. In the sewer/house lateral, which is the pipeline connection from your house to the sewer main located in the street.
  2. In the sewer main.  More often than not, the causes of a lateral clog are tree roots or items that have accidentally been flushed down the drain (toys, diapers).  In the sewer main, common causes of obstruction are grease, disposable paper products, and powder detergents.

Insurance liability restrictions prevent the township employees from assisting in the cleanup of private residences and furnishings

Replacement of House Line Connections

The homeowner is responsible for any repairs to their house line connections between the house and the edge of the curb line or roadway.  From the edge of the curb line or roadway to the main line is the responsibility of the Township, UNLESS THE RESIDENT IS RUNNING A NEW SEWER LINE FROM THE HOUSE.