Department of Revenue and Finance

About the Department of Revenue and Finance

The Revenue and Finance Department comprises the functions of Code Enforcement, Municipal Clerk, Tax Assessor, Tax Collector and Treasury.

Through this department tax bills are prepared for residents by combining the budgetary needs of this department with those of Public Safety, Public Affairs, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Nutley School District and the Township’s share of Essex County.  This department is responsible for the billing and collection of the tax levy and compliance with state statutes.  It does not have the authority to set the budget for any other department or unit.  The services of this department are important to ensuring the effective operation of government in the community.

Duties of the Department of Revenue and Finance

The duty of the Revenue and Finance Department is to prepare plans for the improvement and management of the revenue.

We are a team of people that work on the prosperity and stability of our Township.

  • Supervise, direct and control the collection of revenue.
  • Improvement of tax collection efficiency.
  • Meet budgetary requirements.
  • Prepare and report revenue expenditures.
  • Ensure that departments do not overspend.
  • Annual financial statements/reports.
  • Formulate goals and strategies to mobilize debts.
  • Budget preparations.
  • The objective of the Revenue and Finance Department is to promote good financial management in order to maximize service delivery through the effective and efficient use of limited resources.
  • With revenues that the department receives, taxes licenses and fees, we provide public services. Examples of these public services are public schools, police protection, health and welfare benefits and the operation of government.