Mayor Tucci Announces the Formation of Two Committees to Continue to Move Nutley Forward

One of my first plans of action as your newly elected Mayor is taking steps to support our township businesses and school district during these changing times.  I would like to announce the formation of two key committees that will collaborate and come together to disseminate information to our local businesses, general public and school community.

These committees are being formed in hopes to provide full transparency and keep businesses and residents prepared and informed as we receive information and guidelines from the Governor and reopen the state and most important our township.

The Business Collaboration Committee will consist of five local business and community leaders that will assist in strategizing effectively to develop a plan that safely returns our community to enjoying the wonderful businesses Nutley has to offer. Supporting local businesses is more important now than ever. Our priority is to do what we can to see that they remain viable for the future.  We are fortunate that we now have more tools and information at our disposal that enable us to provide economic support within the guidelines of the health mandates. The actions we take now can have a significant positive impact in helping sustain these establishments and promote future economic development here in our hometown. The members currently consist of Commissioner John V. Kelly III, Commissioner Tom Evans, Jim Greuter, owner of Jim Dandy’s, Nella Cicchino, owner of Mamma Vittoria and Christopher DiMaggio owner of the Franklin Steakhouse.

There will be a new normal after this crisis subsides.  Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our children.  Although we do not know what that new normal will be, we need to utilize every outlet to chart a course that safely returns our children back to their learning environments while closely examining guidelines that will be put forth in the days to come. 

With this, I announce the formation of our second committee, the School Collaboration Committee.  Although we have a long history of working closely with the Board of Education, now more than ever we need to address the speed in which our school enrollment projections are evolving.  The objective of this committee is to engage in strategic planning, promote the open and creative exchange of ideas and discuss effective, affordable solutions.  This committee will consist of Commissioner Joseph Scarpelli, Commissioner Alphonse Petracco, former Principal John Calicchio, BOE President, Charlie Kuchinski and local architect Joe Haines.  Their leadership backgrounds are as diverse as they are impressive, and I am confident they will help us put a plan in place that will benefit the Nutley community.  As Mayor I am an ex officio member of all committees, along with the township attorney Alan Genitempo. Additional members may be appointed at a later time.

I am very optimistic that collaborating with these committees, hearing different points of view and maximizing the vision of what could be will ensure an advantageous result. 

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