Vehicle Burglaries - May 7, 2020

Nutley Police Alert - May 7, 2020
Vehicle Burglaries

Police Director Alphonse Petracco and Chief Thomas Strumolo are advising residents that unlocked vehicles are being burglarized throughout the township during overnight hours. 

We have experienced an increase in reports that vehicles had been entered and items stolen over the past two weeks. Although a 19 and 20 year old from another town have both been arrested last week and charged with burglary , we have had other entries after their arrest.

On April 30th, vehicles were entered on Duncan and Lovell, May 1st Lakeside and Cleveland, May 5th Chestnut and Beech and today police are investigating entries on, Raymond and Overlook.

Chief Strumolo requests that if anyone has surveillance of the actors, on any of these dates to contact detectives at 973-284-4940. He also advises residents to lock their vehicles, remove valuables and contact police if they see or hear anything suspicious. If you discover your vehicle had been entered, do not touch anything and call police first.

Police Director Alphonse Petracco said two arrests were made last week and commended our residents and officers for those arrests. He said those two were probably responsible for most of the burglaries, however, others will make their way to Nutley if we continue leaving our cars unlocked. 

He said together we can lock all cars and send a clear message that we are not allowing them to shop here anymore.

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