September 26, 2018 - Auto Burglaries

Director Alphonse Petracco and Chief Thomas Strumolo are advising township residents, that we are investigating auto burglaries on Crestwood, Bloomfield Ave, Plymouth and Cook Rd.

Police were called to Crestwood Ave at 5:30 this morning to investigate several actors running through resident’s yards. One actor 24 y/o Jakill Simmons of  E Orange was apprehended near Reinheimer Park in possession of proceeds believed to have been taken from a resident’s vehicle including a large amount of change, and a silver rosary set.  At least two other actors were unable to be apprehended.

Chief Strumolo noted that this type of crime is being committed throughout our neighboring communities as well and reminds residents, to lock their vehicles and secure valuables.

The actors committing these offenses are opportunists, and refrain from breaking windows or damaging doors. They walk around trying door handles in search of unlocked vehicles. Once inside they take whatever they can ranging from loose change, valuable sunglasses to lap top computers and jewelry. Residents that leave their key fob or spare key in their unlocked vehicle run the risk of it being taken as well.  

Police urge residents to call police if they see anyone walking in driveways or acting suspicious at 973-284-4940.

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