Commissioner Mauro G. Tucci Expands Recreation Programming for Children with Special Needs

Accessibility and adaptability are cornerstones of inclusive programs. Commissioner Mauro G. Tucci and The Nutley Department of Parks and Recreation are pleased to provide new, continuing and expanded recreation components in Nutley that are specifically designed for individuals with disabilities so they can fully participate township recreation programs.

“As inclusion advocates, we don’t want to see any child held back or excluded from opportunities that can help them reach their full potential.  These programs will be a great addition to our existing “Fun for All Program” and allow the community a wider range of choices” stated Commissioner Mauro Tucci.

Two new and exciting programs are being introduced this spring for children ages 5-14 with special educational needs and disabilities.  Hustle and Bustle is an adaptive recreation program offering a variety of seasonal sports, physical, and social activities. All sessions are designed for learners of all abilities and diagnoses. This program will provide varying levels of cognitive and physical activities. This will include obstacle courses and various physical education activities. It is designed to provide a safe environment for physical play.

Shake Rattle and Roll is an adaptive music therapy program designed to provide varying levels of cognitive and physical activity with music. All sessions are designed for learners of all abilities and diagnoses. This includes body movement, song, and playing with instruments. This program is designed to provide a creative outlet and safe place for self-expression. 

“Evidence shows that participation in recreation promotes well-being, helps in personality development, and builds self-confidence and independence for those with disabilities. We will take every necessary measure, to the greatest extent possible for people with disabilities in the Nutley community to make choices and participate in our recreational activities on an equal basis to others” stated Commissioner Mauro Tucci.

Both Programs, Hustle and Bustle & Shake Rattle and Roll will be held on Saturdays at the Parks and Recreation ANNEX BUILDING 65 Bloomfield Ave.  

Participants MUST be accompanied by a parent/ caregiver or one-on-one provider.

Class sizes are limited.

For additional information, please see printable flyer.  If you have any questions concerning this or any recreation program, please contact the Recreation Department at 973-284-4966. Monday-Friday 8am - 4pm

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