Vegetation Collection Reminders

Please be advised that the last day for vegetative waste pick up for the 2022 season will be Wednesday, 12/28/22 and will resume in April 2023.

  • As a reminder, ALL leaves and vegetative waste must be placed in brown biodegradable bags or vegetation receptacles and placed at the curb on Tuesday nights for Wednesday morning pick up.
  • Black/plastic bags (even biodegradable plastic bags) WILL NOT be collected.
  • Loose or unbagged leaves must not be left in the street.  They will not be removed by the Township or Recycling Hauler.
  • Dirt/soil, rocks, and roots balls containing soil cannot, and will not, be collected.
  • If using a landscaper, removal of leaves and vegetative waste is the responsibility of the landscaper.
  • Loose wood, brush, small tree limbs and branches must be cut into four foot lengths and tied in bundles weighing no more than 50lbs and placed at the curb on Tuesday nights for a Wednesday morning pick up.

Please note that vegetative waste will not be picked up if it is put out with regular garbage during the time period of January through early April 2023.

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