Baseball Camp Offers Top Quality Experience for Children

The best baseball camps in New Jersey are considered by some young players and their parents to be the first step on the way to molding superior athletes.  Mayor Mauro G. Tucci is pleased to announce Tom Gargiulo’s Summer Baseball Leadership Camp to the Parks and Recreation Department’s line up of summer activities.  The skills involved in baseball are shared through the extensive training of experienced ball players.

 Lots of camps help young people to learn the basics of baseball like hitting, catching, throwing and game strategy. This Baseball Camp is a little different in that it is unapologetic about its desire to offer this training in a somewhat less competitive more relaxed manner than you might not find elsewhere. The experience at Tom Gargiulo’s Baseball Camp will offer serious student-athletes the opportunity to receive quality instruction from Tom Gargiulo and exceptional and experienced college and top high school baseball players. By the end of this camp, we hope to have helped participants develop a more positive approach, mentally and physically, to this great game of baseball!  The key to success is ensuring the athlete is competing against his or her own best self. It is not always the best or the brightest who are successful, but rather those that work hard and stick with it.  The leadership theme and quote of this outstanding camp is “We take care of the person, and the player takes care of him or herself”.

This camp will be offered for 4 sessions and is open to youngsters ages 6-13..  Sessions will be held as follows: July 11-15, July 18-22, July 25-29 and August 1-5.  All session will run Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and will be held at the Parks and Recreation Department located at 44 Park Ave.  This camp will be utilizing the indoor facility as well as the new, state of the art turf, located at Owens Field.  The early bird fee for this program will be $250.00 per session if registered before June 15th.  The fee after June 15 will be $275.00 if registered before July 1 and $300 after July 1st.  This Camp is so much more than just youngsters learning the game.  Just as important as the skills required to play the game is the aspect of positive thinking.  This camp offers unique and innovative methods that also focus on positive thinking and confidence building skills.  “We are fortunate to have coaches of this caliber assist in molding our young athletes” stated Mayor Tucci.

Registrations are now being accepted for this program. Enrollment is limited, applications will be honored on a first come, first served basis.  Registration information and printable forms are available at

If you have questions regarding this program, you may contact Tom Gargiulo direct at 973-632-7825 or the Department of Parks and Recreation at 973-284-4966.

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