Township of Nutley Moves to Authorize Obtaining Roche Property

The Township of Nutley last Thursday approved a resolution to authorize a preliminary study investigating the possibility of obtaining a portion of the former Roche site through the redevelopment process.
 The proposed area was declared a condemnation site in need of redevelopment in 2015, in order to enable Nutley to control its destiny and ensure the redevelopment was done in a manner that would benefit the township and its citizens. The current owner of the property, Prism Capital Partners, purchased the area with the knowledge that it was in need of redevelopment on a condemnation basis, and with knowledge that Nutley had condemnation power over the property.
 This resolution authorizes commencement of the condemnation process for the property in the Roche redevelopment area which is not subject to the already enacted redevelopment plans (including the Seton Hall-Hackensack Meridian Graduate School of Medicine, Modern Meadow, Ralph Lauren, the soon-to-be occupied Eisai Pharmaceuticals building and the new parking deck).
 “As our residents know, the Commissioners have been attempting to work with Prism for several years, trying to agree on a comprehensive redevelopment plan for the property,” said Nutley Mayor Mauro Tucci. “In the beginning, we were able to work cooperatively with Prism on certain matters such as the financial agreements for the medical school, Ralph Lauren, Modern Meadow and the building soon to be occupied by Eisai Pharmaceuticals, including the parking deck that services those buildings. When requested by the developer, we expedited decisions to help him move these projects forward quickly.”
 After several years of successful negotiations, relations between the town and the developer have come to an impasse. “Unfortunately, our efforts to work with Prism regarding the balance of the Roche site have not been successful,” Tucci added. “Rather than develop a comprehensive plan for the entire site, which would enable Nutley to understand the depth of the impact to be felt by Nutley residents, Prism has instead elected to move forward with piecemeal development which will have a devastating traffic impact on our streets, and stands to change the nature of this area of Nutley. When asked to address our traffic concerns and to work with us on solutions, we have been rebuffed at every turn.”
 Nutley officials are hopeful that Thursday’s approved resolution will act to accelerate the process of making the former Roche site an enhancing, tax generating asset for the town. “This property is too significant not to get it right,” the Mayor said. “What gets developed in and around this site will shape Nutley’s future for generations to come.”
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