Tropical Storm Debris Update

We understand the Tropical Storm Ida debris collection is taking longer than expected.

Although Basso, Inc. is working diligently to collect as much debris as possible, there is a severe delay at the transfer station where the trucks unload.  This delay is due to all the other surrounding towns unloading as well. The line can exceed well over a 2 hour wait.  As we have seen, Nutley is not the only community affected in our area.  

The delay at the transfer station and finite amount of debris that each truck can hold is causing the collection to be much slower than anticipated. Despite these delays, the amount of debris that has been picked up in Nutley has been averaging more than 150 tons per day.

We continue to ask for your patience and cooperation.  Please leave all debris at the curb.  It will be collected.  Basso will be sending additional trucks into town on Friday and Saturday to continue picking up storm damage debris.

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