2016 Certified Tax Rate and State Aid Information

From the Desk of Commissioner Tom Evans
Nutley 2016 Tax Rate is Certified

The Township of Nutley has received its tax rate certification for 2016 totaling $3.370.  The Tax Levy /Rate Break Down for 2016 is as follows:

Tax Levy  Tax Rate
County: $17,896,525.02 $0.551
School: $52,686,922.00 $1.622
Municipal: $38,879,350.00 $1.197
Total Tax Levy: $109,462,797.02 $3.370

This rate reflects additional state aid in the amount of $5,500,000, which is allocated as follows:

  •  County Tax Relief          $      904,096.00
  •  School Tax Relief          $   2,652,458.00
  •  Municipal Tax Relief       $   1,943,446.00

This additional aid is providing direct property tax relief since it is fully applied to offset property taxes.  Without this aid, the municipal tax rate would have increased this year by an additional 6.0 cents and the total tax rate increase would have been 16.9 cents or $534.75 more per household, on average.

As stated above, the total tax rate for 2016 is $3.370, which represents an increase of 5.4 cents over 2015 or 1.63%.  The municipal portion of the increase of 2.1 cents, or $66.45 per average household, is primarily attributable to cost increases in sewerage, group insurance, personnel, and pension expenses, along with various other cost increases.

If you should have a question regarding this aid, please contact me via e-mail at commissionerevans@nutleynj.org or call 973-284-4997.

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