Mayor Tucci Issues Update Regarding USPS Delays and Complaints

As a follow-up regarding the ongoing complaints with the United States Postal Service, I would like to share with the Nutley Community that I have been working closely with Assemblyman Caputo’s Office, Senator Menendez’s Office and Congresswoman Sherrill’s Office to rectify this situation in our community.

In an effort to assist individual community members Congresswoman Sherrill’s office has directed us to share the following contact information and have any residents still experiencing delays or no delivery to contact her office directly.  Please contact 973-526-5668 for further assistance within Congresswoman Sherrill’s office.

Senator Menendez’s office has also supplied a form that residents are welcome to fill out and outline any concerns regarding the USPS. That will be forwarded directly to USPS and residents will obtain a direct response from the USPS.

I hope our residents find this information to be helpful.  We look forward to a quick resolve of the ongoing problem in the near future.

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