Kingsland Avenue (De Jessa Memorial) Bridge Project

Kingsland Ave Bridge.PNG About the Project

Bergen County and Essex County are conducting a study of the existing Kingsland Avenue (De Jessa Memorial) Bridge over the Passaic River to improve its structural deficiencies and maintain an important transportation connection for residents and commuters in who travel to and from business and residential areas on both sides of the Passaic River. The bridge has been temporarily closed in recent years for structural and mechanical repairs. Due to its age, the bridge has deteriorated over time and routine maintenance can no longer address the deficiencies.

This Local Concept Development Study is the first step to bridge improvements. The costs are too great for Bergen County and Essex County, so Federal funding is required. An application was filed with the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) who oversees this phase of the project, known as Local Concept Development (LCD).

Community Meetings

  • Local Development Study Project Public Meeting (10/17/16) - Meeting Video

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