June 6, 2017 - Unofficial Primary Election Results

Township of Nutley
County of Essex, New Jersey
2017 Primary Election Results

UNOFFICIAL Results of the 2017 Primary Election held on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Total Voter Turnout: 2,258

Download: 2017 Primary Election Unofficial Results

For Governor

Candidate Votes
Philip MURPHY [D] 566
William BRENNAN [D] 55
John S. WISNIEWSKI [D] 349
Jim JOHNSON [D] 369
Mark ZINNA [D] 25
Raymond J. LESNIAK [D] 59
Hirsh SINGH [R] 59
Steven ROGERS [R] 603
Kim GUADAGNO [R] 139
Joseph R. RULLO [R] 13

For Member of the State Senate - 28th Legislative District

Candidate Votes
Ronald L. RICE [D] 831

For Members of the General Assembly - 28th Legislative District

Candidate Votes
Ralph R. CAPUTO [D] 836
Cleopatra G. TUCKER [D] 785
James BOYDSTON [R] 293
Veronica BRANCH [R] 290

For Members of the Board of Chosen Freeholders - At Large

Candidate Votes
Patricia SEBOLD [D] 806
Rufus L. JOHNSON [D] 747
Brendan W. GILL [D] 791
Lebby C. JONES [D] 730
Frank CONTELLA [R] 359
Blanca L. LOPEZ [R] 285
John J. PISERCHIA [R] 306
Che COLTER [R] 260

For Members of the Board of Chosen Freeholders - 5th District

Candidate Votes
Carlos POMARES [D] 761

For State Committeemen

Candidate Votes
Christopher J. DURKIN [D] 802
Lee B. FISHER [D] 735
Joseph C. PARLAVECCHIO [D] 741
Thomas J. BARRETT [D] 736
Thomas McDERMOTT, Jr. [R] 306

For State Committeewomen

Candidate Votes
Isabel CRUZ [D] 778
Terry TUCKER [D] 736
Alixon COLLAZOS [D] 698
Janine BAUER [D] 717

For State Committeman (1/2 Vote)

Candidate Votes
Philip B. ALAGIA [D] 780

For State Committewoman (1/2 Vote)

Candidate Votes
Jeanette SEABROOKS [D] 803

Eleni Pettas, RMC
Municipal Clerk

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