Forms, Licenses and Permits

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Fire Department

Permit Fees:
Type 1:  $42.00  •  Type 2:  $166.00  •  Type 3:   $331.00  •  Type 4:  $497.00

Public Works

All township departments and civic organizations wishing to display an event banner must have a completed application on file with the Department of Public Works. Applications must be received a minimum of sixty (60) days but no earlier than six (6) months prior to event.

All landscapers utilizing a truck, van or trailer for landscaping services within the Township of Nutley shall be required to obtain a license in order to offer their services within the township. Licenses shall be obtained prior to October 1 of each calendar year and shall expire on September 30 of the subsequent year.

Proof of license will be demonstrated by the issuance and the display of a decal, which will be issued to each licensee and displayed in each vehicle the landscaper owns or operates in the Township of Nutley.

Permits are required for all areas designated "Permit Parking Only" within the Municipal Parking Lots. All permits must be displayed visibly in the front windshield. Parking Permits may be paid for: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually. Payment is due every month. Non-payment will result in loss of parking privileges.

Application and Payment must be returned in-person to the Department of Public Works

A permit must be obtained in order to replace, repair or construct any public curb or sidewalk in the Township of Nutley. The specifications for any repair, replacement or construction of curb or sidewalk shall be in accordance with the specifications set forth by the Department of Public Works.