November 6, 2018 - Unofficial General Election Results

Township of Nutley
County of Essex, New Jersey
2018 General Election Results

UNOFFICIAL Results of the 2018 General Election held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018
** Does not include Absentee and Provisional Ballots Casted **

Total Voter Turnout: 10,903

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For United States Senator

Candidate Votes
Robert MENENDEZ [D] 5,025
Bob HUGIN [R] 5,036
Kevin KIMPLE [I] 73
Tricia FLANAGAN [I] 63
Madelyn R. HOFFMAN [I] 80
Natalie Lynn RIVERA [I] 35
Murray SABRIN [I] 57

For Member of the House of Representatives

Candidate Votes
Mikie SHERRILL [D] 5,879
Jay WEBBER [R] 3,988
Robert F. CROOK [I] 102
Ryan MARTINEZ [I] 32

For County Executive

Candidate Votes
Joseph N. DiVINCENZO, Jr. [D] 5,725
John CHIAIA [R] 3,369
John Jay ARENA [I] 420

For Surrogate

Candidate Votes
Alturrick KENNEY [D] 4,851
John ANELLO [R] 4,082

For Sheriff

Candidate Votes
Aramando B. FONTOURA [D] 5,344
Pasquale CAPOZZOLI [R] 3,724

For Members of the Board of Education

Candidate Votes
Kenneth J. REILLY 4,050
Theresa Teri QUIRK 3,334
Erica ZARRO 3,536
Salvatore BALSAMO 3,113
Ryan KLINE 2,778
Deborah J. RUSSO 3,279

Public Question No. 1

YES 3,758
NO 4,151

Township of Nutley Proposal No. 1

YES 3,779
NO 4,121

Township of Nutley Proposal No. 2

YES 3,587
NO 4,200

Eleni Pettas, RMC
Municipal Clerk

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