June 5, 2018 - Unofficial Primary Election Results

Township of Nutley
County of Essex, New Jersey
2018 Primary Election Results

UNOFFICIAL Results of the 2018 Primary Election held on Tuesday, June 5, 2018
** Does not include Absentee and Provisional Ballots Casted **

Total Voter Turnout: 2,049

Download: 2018 Primary Election Unofficial Results (includes Democratic County Committee Results)

For United States Senator

Candidate Votes
Robert MENENDEZ [D] 780
Lisa A. McCORMICK [D] 495
Bob HUGIN [R] 476
Brian D. GOLDBERG [R] 146

For Member of the House of Representatives

Candidate Votes
Mikie SHERRILL [D] 904
Mitchell H. COBERT [D] 57
Tamara HARRIS [D] 184
Allison HESLIN [D] 52
Anthony E. GHEE [R] 204
Jay WEBBER [R] 181
Peter De NEUFVILLE [R] 229
Martin HEWITT [R] 14
Patrick S. ALLOCCO [R] 14

For County Executive

Candidate Votes
Joseph N. DiVINCENZO, Jr. [D] 1,085
John CHIAIA [R] 269
Roland STRATEN [R] 242

For Sheriff

Candidate Votes
Aramando B. FONTOURA [D] 1,016
Pasquale CAPOZZOLI [R] 310
John Van WAGNER [R] 227

Eleni Pettas, RMC
Municipal Clerk

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