Office of the Mayor

Commissioner Scarpelli.JPG Dr. Joseph P. Scarpelli

~ 17th Mayor of the Township of Nutley ~

Dr. Joseph P. Scarpelli is currently serving his third term on the Township of Nutley Board of Commissioners and first term as Mayor. Elected in May 2008, he is the Director of Public Works.

Dr. Scarpelli and his family have a history of public service. His grandfather, Peter Scarpelli, Sr., was a respected community activist and his father, Peter C. Scarpelli, a former Mayor of Nutley, had over 24 years of service on the Nutley Board of Commissioners. Continuing in this tradition, Dr. Scarpelli has served on the Essex County College Board of Trustees, the Nutley Board of Education, and the Essex County Board of Freeholders.

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About the Office of the Mayor

Under the Commission form of government, the Mayor is a procedural, honorific, or ceremonial designation and typically, does not involve additional powers beyond that exercised by the other commissioners. Chairing meetings is the principal role and in addition, the Mayor makes most of the key appointments to municipal boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment with the Mayor?

Appointments to speak with the Mayor may be scheduled by contacting (973) 284-4959

How do I request the Mayor's attendance at an event?

Contact the Office of the Mayor at (973) 284-4959.
Please provide the following information in your request:

  • Name of Event
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Contact Person and Phone Number
  • Will the Mayor be asked to deliver remarks?

How do I get a Proclamation, Certificate of Appreciation, Certificate of Recognition or Honory Citizen Certificate?

Contact the Office of the Mayor at (973) 284-4959. Please provide a full description of the individual or event to be honored or recognized with background material as appropriate for the occasion

How do I schedule a Marriage Ceremony with the Mayor?

Please contact the Office of the Mayor at (973) 284-4959 to schedule the ceremony.