About H.O.P.E. for Nutley

H.O.P.E for Nutley was created in 2008 by Commissioner Alphonse Petracco in an effort to help educate parents about the dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. With the main focus still being on substance abuse education, in August 2016, we have expanded the mission to include everyday issues that affect parents, guardians and youth of all ages.

Officers and Public safety employees coordinate educational projects for Nutley students’ district wide like the Above the Influence (ATI) campaign, Nutley Flashmob, and the Carnival of HOPE for Nutley.  HOPE also hosts presentations for parents like Hidden in Plain Sight, Kids Count, How to Talk Teen and the Wake Up Parents educational series.


The purpose of these newsletters are to educate and inform our parents and guardians of the newest and most current trends affecting our children. In addition, we will be sharing parenting tips and suggestions that we feel can foster stronger parent/child connections.