Fire Department

Protection of life and property for all township residents.

Fire Prevention Program:
Funding is provided by the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety to offset the cost of fire inspections. Fire permits are also issued throughout the year as per New Jersey Fire Safety Code which also brings in fees to offset the cost of these inspections. Programs are also present in all nursery, elementary, junior and high schools within the district as well as initiatives for civic and senior groups. The department holds an Open House for all residents with displays offering educational information in regard to fire prevention.

SCHLEP agency. Housing inspectors do multiple dwelling inspections. This program is funded by the Division of Community Affairs.

Fire Sub-Code Official:
Reviews all construction permits in relation to fire safety standards.

In-Service Inspections:
Firefighters on duty review non-life hazard use buildings.

Signal Bureau:
Maintains traffic lights, banners, school lights and minor electrical work for the township.

Hazmat Unit:
Specialized unit that responds to all chemical and biological threats within Nutley and is recognized as the premier Hazardous materials response unit in the county. Equipment and staff is funded primarily by grants and state funding.

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